The impact of videogames on society, culture, education and politics

Checkpoint is evolving editorial by utilising the
blockchain to deliver a unique Web 3.0 experience
that pioneers the future of web interaction


Whether in VR, AR or a browser, Checkpoint changes the way you
interact with content forever

Utilising the blockchain, the multiverse will bring
a living world that exists by utilising Web 3.0

  •  A hub to connect to Checkpoint
  •  A place to interact with content
  •  Ubiquitous access – connect through any device
  •  A place to interact with the community


Checkpoint is uniquely positioned to offer exciting, engaging and inimitable NFTs generated from the brand’s content

  •   Explore and collect unique NFTs, ranging from cards to magazine covers, VR pets to digital merchandise
  •   NFTs will be sold through Checkpoint’s online stores and partners
  •   Own a piece of Checkpoint and store it in your digital wallet



Governance token will allow holders and investors to help
shape Checkpoint’s future

Tokens will be offered in three tranches, increasing in value
with every iteration

Tokens will be purchased through the platform and work
on ADA blockchain

Checkpoint Governance Token will have a 1 billion total supply


‘In-game’ utility token

‘Engage-to-Earn’ model, rewards interaction in the multiverse

Rewards community and token holders for trading

Reward schemes available for token holders

Benefits community directly in Checkpoint’s space

Total supply of 15 billion coins



What is Checkpoint?+
Quite simply, Checkpoint looks at the wider impact of videogames on our society, culture, politics and education. Checkpoint uses the cultural capital of games, and their ubiquitous nature, to comment, address and understand the world around us. We like to call it the thinking person’s gaming fix. Taking wider issues such as education, historical story telling and big data to name a few, Checkpoint not only questions those that make the games about their impact and influence, but also those in industry to get a wider understanding of whether games are providing a service in other ways than entertainment.
Why is Checkpoint different?+
Unlike other outlets, Checkpoint centralises its contnet. All the written content is supported by audio, video, galleries or other interactive elements. Checkpoint launched the first fully interactive digital magazine for adult readers and kids alike, and this interaction is central to Checkpoint’s ethos. Not only can you find poignant pieces on the state of the industry, but there are outreach materials for teachers, there are bedtime stories for children, there are apps and activities and much more. And it’s all free.
Why dual tokens?+
Checkpoint has two tokens to make it easier for people to interact with the brand. The Governance Token are for those who wish to invest into Checkpoint as it grows as a business. Investors will be able to benefit from having voting rights on some of the future direction of the business. The utility token is an in-game currency that will be used to purchase content from us directly. It will work the same way as a stable coin so that we can maintain a fair price for all. Governance token holders will be able to swap for Utility tokens, but Utility holders won’t be able to swap for Governance.
Why Cardano?+
Cardano has the same altruistic objectives as Checkpoint. It also means we can sell our NFTs for a reasonable price and not have to worry about the ludicrous gas fees associated with ETH or other Layer 2 options. We want to make this accessible and affordable for everyone.
When is the multiverse ready?+
The Checkpoint multiverse already exists! You can access it on Oculus only currently, but you’ll be able to access it from a browser or any device soon! Come and join us, and it’s all free!
Who can buy Checkpoint tokens?+
Initially Checkpoint tokens (Governance and Utility) will only be available for the UK, Europe, Australian and some other territories. Because of the laws in some countries, we have to limit where we sell to and who can buy. We will have a full list with disclaimers and notices once the coin is ready to sell. Please do not buy the tokens if your country or state are not listed.